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The Badass Wife of W.E.B. Du Bois Tales through the past to titillate

The Badass Wife of W.E.B. Du Bois Tales through the past to titillate

Why you need to care

Because she must certanly be contained in Women’s History Month.

Meet the badass ladies that history forgot — but we didn’t. Check always out of the rest of the OZY series here.

The Rev. David Graham feared that a mob ended up being coming to burn his church down. The city conference he’d arranged to protest the killing of the young Ebony child by a policeman had stirred up difficulty. So Graham stood before a loaded gun to his congregation and a Bible, told the ladies and kids to leave of harm’s way, and ready, alongside 21 armed men, to fight.

In the long run, absolutely absolutely nothing arrived from it, however the reverend’s young child, Shirley, about age 6, had been marked forever by the scene among others enjoy it when you look at the United states South during the change regarding the century that is last. Because of this, she devoted her life to racism that is fighting oppression as being a writer plus an activist. Unlike the efforts of her husband that is second civil legal legal rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois, Graham Du Bois’ have mostly been forgotten, but Komozi Woodard, a historian at Sarah Lawrence College, insists they certainly were truly a “power couple” and therefore Graham Du Bois ended up being Du Bois’ equal in several ways. Weiterlesen