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Boston Could Attempt to Block Wynn Everett Casino Plan

Boston Could Attempt to Block Wynn Everett Casino Plan

After the city of Everett authorized a casino project plan by designer Steve Wynn, numerous observers believed he had the upper hand in gaining the Greater Boston-area casino license one of three regional licenses that are granted by their state of Massachusetts. But it turns out that geographical quirks can make Wynn’s prospects of opening a casino there a little tougher than he thought.

According to members of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s management, Wynn may not have been as careful as he thought together with his casino proposition. It would appear that some of the proposed development may be located within the populous city of Boston itself, which would give the city the right to affect the project by themselves.

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If it had been real that the Wynn proposal were to reside partially in Boston, then your city would be considered a number community, and could have the ability to influence how and if the project could move forward. In fact, Mayor Menino would have the ability even to simply say no to the project, scuttling it entirely.

Menino may have good reason to achieve this. He has turn out in help of a contending casino plan that would place the resort at Suffolk Downs, and eliminating perhaps the strongest competitor for the permit would go a long way towards getting that plan selected by the state.

However, Wynn does not genuinely believe that Menino’s claims hold any fat.

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