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Not Used To Canada ™Program

Not Used To Canada ™Program

Qualified homebuyers that have relocated or immigrated to Canada within the past 5 years meet the criteria under Genworth Canada’s a new comer to Canada system to get a house with as low as a 5% advance payment.

Find out about the brand new To Canada Program with your helpful guide.

Appropriate Loan Purpose and Applicable Loan-to-Value Limits

Purchase Transactions:

  • 95% LTV
    • Home value = $500,000 – 5% advance payment needed
    • Home value > $500,000 and *For brand new construction properties into the regions (Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut Territories) where new house Warranty just isn’t an alternative, Lenders must obtain either the occupancy license or a third-party report from an experienced professional such as for example: an inspector, designer or engineer. Weiterlesen